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ProServe Pools has been the leader in commercial pool service for condos and community pools in New Smyrna, FL since 1985.

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ProServe Pools has been the leader in commercial pool service for condos and community pools in New Smyrna, FL since 1985. We know how important it is for your business to have a safe, clean pool ready for your guests and residents to enjoy. Our convenient service ensures your pool will be clean, balanced, and equipment is fully operational year round.

We provide a wide range of commercial pool services and visit your pool during times that won't interfere with your guests and residents. Our certified commercial pool technicians are clean, honest, and dependable. We provide condo owners, apartment complexes, and community pools with peace-of-mind to ensure when equipment failures happen, your pool is repaired fast and is ready for swimming.

Our team of commercial pool cleaning technicians perform services on-time and on your schedule. We take the stress and hassle out of commercial pool maintenance. We have the experience, wisdom, and work ethic New Smyrna condos and communities can count on year after year. Contact us today to get a Get an Estimate and start enjoying the peace-of-mind that comes with a safe, clean, worry-free commercial pool. Explore Pool Cleaning Services

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At ProServe Pools, we know maintaining a commercial pool is a big responsibility. Your guests and residents expect your pool to be safe, clean, and inviting at all times. We know the health and safety of your guests and residents depends on balanced water and the maintenance of your equipment. When Pool Equipment fails, water can become stagnant and bacteria can flourish. We provide an affordable, lightening-fast repair service to help you minimize down-time costs and potential loss of customers. Repair Request


Is your commercial pool aged or showing signs of wear or deterioration? When considering a pool renovation, you need an expert contractor with the team and know-how to get the job completed right. At ProServe Pools, our certified pool renovation team have decades of experience and a fast, dependable crew.  Contact Us for competitive bids, professional craftsmanship, and an extensive list of references ensure you make the best choice for your commercial pool renovation project. Explore Pool Renovations


Are you considering a pool waterfall or pool automation system? ProServe Pools offers a wide range of unique waterfall options and simple to sophisticated pool automation systems. Our waterfall packages come in a variety of natural and synthetic, low-maintenance material options to add flair and personality to your commercial pool. With our pool automation packages, maintaining your swimming pool is simpler and less costly with greater convenience. Pool Waterfalls & Automation



Regular filter cleaning and replacement is key to keeping your pool filtration system operating at its best. Dirty filters put stress on your pool equipment and make it run harder and reduce overall equipment lifespan. Rely on our team of professional pool techs to clean and replace your commercial pool filter. Contact us today to get a free pool filter cleaning estimate.


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