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At ProServe Pools, we understand pool maintenance and repairs can be a big responsibility. Keeping your pool clean, balanced, and safe for swimming can make pool ownership overwhelming and time consuming. Our convenient and affordable residential pool services take the hassle out of pool maintenance and allow you to spend your time enjoying your backyard pool.

Since 1985, local New Smyrna residents have trusted ProServe and our team of pool pros for pool cleaning and to maintain their pools at an affordable rate. Whether you need pool maintenance, chemical balancing, pool equipment repairs, or having your pool renovated, we have you covered!

Our team of pool cleaning pros make owning a backyard pool simple and convenient. We offer a wide range of affordable pool maintenance packages and reliable, honest pool technicians to keep your pool clean and safe. Contact us today to get a Get a Pool Cleaning Estimate and start enjoying swimming in your pool while we take care of the rest! Explore Pool Cleaning Services


Is your pool or equipment in need of repair? Is your pool pump making a loud, screeching sound, skimmer not pulling all the surface debris, or does your pool leak water? At ProServe Pools, our team of certified pool technicians will troubleshoot and repair your equipment fast and properly to get you back to swimming. Request a Repair


Are you considering renovating your backyard pool or pool deck? When your pool starts showing signs of deterioration it can be unsightly and costly to operate. Cracked or chipped walls and tile can begin to leak water and become an eyesore. Contact our team of highly skilled and dependable pool contractors to tackle your pool renovation project. Explore Pool Renovations


Pool waterfalls come in a variety of natural and synthetic, low-maintenance material options that add personality to your pool while increasing circulation and appeal. Pool automation makes operating your pool simple, convenient, and more energy efficient with automatically programed run times that you control from anywhere. Read more about our Pool Waterfalls & Automation packages, or let us supply a Request an Onsite Estimate.


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