Pool Cleaning Services

Are you searching for a pool service near you? We make swimming pool maintenance easy! We have packages for weekly pool cleaning that include chemical maintenance to keep your pool safe and ready to swim.

Pool cleaning and chemical maintenance

Clean, honest, and professional techs

Clean & clear promise

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Keeping your swimming pool clean, safe, and balanced is our promise

Do you need pool maintenance in New Smyrna Beach, FL? Since 1985, we have serviced commercial and residential pools in New Smyrna with pride. Our dedicated, certified pool techs clean and balance your pool so you can spend more time enjoying! At ProServe we take the hassle out of cleaning and pool maintenance with our all-inclusive pool cleaning services.

Weekly Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Skip the hassle of spending hours cleaning and maintaining your pool.

Pool water analysis 

Chemical balancing

Skimmer & pump baskets

Brush pool walls

Skim surface debris

One Time Pool Cleaning

Our one time pool cleanings offer a quick, easy way to get your pool in shape and ready to swim.

Great for last minute parties

Pool water analysis 

Chemical balancing

Pool vacuuming

Skimmer & pump baskets

Green & Black Pool Cleaning

We offer a full service cleaning & chemical balancing to remove unsightly algae.

Pool drain & refills

Chemical balancing

Skimmer & pump baskets

Algaecide treatment 

Pool draining & acid wash

After-Storm Pool Clean Ups

A complete debris removal and water balancing service at affordable rates.

Complete debris removal

Chlorinated shock

Chemical balancing

Pool drain & refills

Skimmer & pump baskets

Have a pool cleaning question?

Pool vacuuming made easy

At ProServe we realize pool cleaning can be a time consuming and daunting task. Some clients enjoy swimming often, and like their pool clean 7 days a week. A great way to ensure your pool is clean in between our visits is to install an automated pool vacuum. During our visits, we will ensure your pool vacuum is operating at peak performance so your pool stays clean and leaf-free until we return. Don't have an automated pool vacuum? We can help you decide which vacuum might be the best fit for your pool.

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